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If you fall into a hardship that is hard to be free from

Shaykh Ibn aj-Jawzee (rahimahullaah) says:

“If you fall into a hardship that is hard to be free from, you can’t (do anything) but make du’aa and take refuge in Allaah, after repenting from sins, because sins necessitate punishment, so if they disappear by repentance from them, the reason (for punishment) is lifted.

So if you repented and made du’aa, and did not see any trace of response, then look into your affair.

Maybe the repentence was not sound, so correct it then make du’aa and don’t become tired of making du’aa.

Maybe the good is in delaying the response, and maybe the good is not in responding, so you will be rewarded and responded by being referred to what benefits you, and it would be beneficial for you to not be given what you requested, but rather to be given other than it as a replacement.

So if iblees comes and says: ‘How much did you call upon Him and did not see any response?’ Then say: ‘I worship (Allaah) by making du’aa, and I am certain that the answer will come.

But maybe its delay is due to some good, and even if it doesn’t happen, worship and humility takes place.’ So take care not to ask for something except by combining it with asking for that which is good, because the occurance of many a wish from the dunyaa was a cause for destruction.”

Source: Sayd ul-Khaatir; Chapter 249, p. 343

If it is watered it will flourish

Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

A person may be exposed to the causes of love so he falls in love, and he may see a person and this first glance does not create love, but repeatedly looking at that person and mixing with him or her may lead to what was unthinkable.

Some people may look at a person and that creates some kind of love, but then they keep away and the love disappears, because continual looking may cause love to grow, like a garden planted with seeds which, if it is neglected, will shrivel and die, but if it is watered it will flourish.

Dhamm al-Hawa, p. 237

Beware– of exposing yourself to the causes of calamity,

Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

Beware– may Allaah have mercy on you – of exposing yourself to the causes of calamity, for it is unlikely that those who approach fitnah will be safe from it.

Just as caution leads to being safe, so too exposing oneself to fitnah leads to doom, and it is rare that one remains safe from fitnah when approaching it; even those who are safe from fitnah when they approach it will not be safe from thinking about it or being influenced by it.

Dhamm al-Hawa, p. 126

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