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We are in more need of following this advice

لا إله إلا الله

The Companions are our Example

“And keep yourself steadfast [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening, seeking His countenance. And let not your eyes pass beyond them, desiring adornments of the worldly life, and do not obey one whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance and who follows his desire and whose affair is ever [in] neglect.” (Qur’an, 18:28)

This is a command to the Messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam) to remain steadfast with those righteous servants of God (i.e. the companions). We are in more need of following this advice, especially in times of deception and chaos. The companions are the role models in understanding the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and practising the religion. Their Sunnah is the Sunnah, and everyone after them is secondary to them.

Therefore, whenever seeking to understand a verse or a Hadith correctly, see…

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I am far from Allah. But I want to change. How can I get to closer?

لا إله إلا الله

Try as much as you can to do these things

Start off each day with ‘adhkaar al-istiyqaadh’ (waking up Supplications), thanking Allah for waking up in good shape.

Put Allah first in your life.

Broaden your horizons – learn 5 new verses from the Quran every day, travel to pray far in the mosque to brighten your day,take up a booklet having supplications and read them.

Pray Salaat Al-dhuhaa (after sunrise).

If someone says something mean ;to you, just shrug it off and dismiss it in a friendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive them.

When you get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life is to waste in being Angry.

Remember that you can never have too many friends, but you can have few quality friends that help you fulfill the purpose of your creation (i.e. live for Allah).

When you’re happy, try to share…

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Rare footage shows how women dressed in England just over 100 years

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"There's nothing to writing, you just sit there and bleed"

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"May Allah steal from you all that steals you away from Him." -Rabia Al-Adawiyah

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Dawah - For The Sake of Allaah

“And verily for everything that a slave loses there is a substitute,but the one who loses Allaah will never find anything to replace Him.”

Fa firroo ila-llaah

"So flee unto Allah..." [51:50]

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Let there rise from amongst you group(s) who invite others to the khair (Islam), command the good, and forbid the evil, and they are the ones who are successful, [3:104]

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