The first education that they have to give to their childs is about aqidah dan tawhid.

Being parents,

every couple (husband and wife) that hope to be. But what their childs going to be, its deepend on how the parent give aducation to their childs.

Some of parents do not realize, before their childs know about other things, the first education that they have to give to their childs is about aqidah dan tawhid.

ﻭَﺇِﺫْ ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﻟُﻘْﻤَﺎﻥُ ﻻِﺑْﻨِﻪِ ﻭَﻫُﻮَ ﻳَﻌِﻆُﻪُ ﻳَﺎ ﺑُﻨَﻲَّ ﻻَ ﺗُﺸْﺮِﻙْ ﺑِﺎﻟﻠَّﻪِ ۖ ﺇِﻥَّ ﺍﻟﺸِّﺮْﻙَ ﻟَﻆُﻠْﻢٌ ﻋَﻆِﻴﻢٌ

Behold, Luqman said to his son by way of instruction: “O my son! join not in worship (others) with Allah: for false worship is indeed the highest wrong-doing.”
[Luqman : 13]

ﺃَﻡْ ﻛُﻨْﺘُﻢْ ﺷُﻬَﺪَﺍءَ ﺇِﺫْ ﺣَﻀَﺮَ ﻳَﻌْﻘُﻮﺏَ ﺍﻟْﻤَﻮْﺕُ ﺇِﺫْ ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﻟِﺒَﻨِﻴﻪِ ﻣَﺎ ﺗَﻌْﺒُﺪُﻭﻥَ ﻣِﻦْ ﺑَﻌْﺪِﻱ ﻗَﺎﻟُﻮﺍ ﻧَﻌْﺒُﺪُ ﺇِﻟَٰﻬَﻚَ ﻭَﺇِﻟَٰﻪَ ﺁﺑَﺎﺋِﻚَ ﺇِﺑْﺮَﺍﻫِﻴﻢَ ﻭَﺇِﺳْﻤَﺎﻋِﻴﻞَ ﻭَﺇِﺳْﺤَﺎﻕَ ﺇِﻟَٰﻬًﺎ ﻭَﺍﺣِﺪًﺍ ﻭَﻧَﺤْﻦُ ﻟَﻪُ ﻣُﺴْﻠِﻤُﻮﻥَ

Were you witnesses when death appeared before Jacob? Behold, he said to his sons: “What will ye worship after me?” They said: “We shall worship Thy god and the god of thy fathers, of Abraham, Isma’il and Isaac,- the one (True) Allah: To Him we bow (in Islam).”
(Al-baqarah [2]: 133)

We should be afraid to leave our next generation in the weak condition especially weak about iman.

ﻭَﻟْﻴَﺨْﺶَ ﺍﻟَّﺬِﻳﻦَ ﻟَﻮْ ﺗَﺮَﻛُﻮﺍ ﻣِﻦْ ﺧَﻠْﻔِﻬِﻢْ ﺫُﺭِّﻳَّﺔً ﺿِﻌَﺎﻓًﺎ ﺧَﺎﻓُﻮﺍ ﻋَﻠَﻴْﻬِﻢْ ﻓَﻠْﻴَﺘَّﻘُﻮﺍ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪَ ﻭَﻟْﻴَﻘُﻮﻟُﻮﺍ ﻗَﻮْﻻً ﺳَﺪِﻳﺪًﺍ

Let those (disposing of an estate) have the same fear in their minds as they would have for their own if they had left a helpless family behind: Let them fear Allah, and speak words of appropriate (comfort). 
(An-Nisa [4] : 9)


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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  1. Interesting may Allah give us the strength.thanks


  2. Allahumma ameeen yaa Rabb…. barak Allahu feeki…dea sister …


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