If we could only take a selfie of our hearts.

A lot has happened since a decade ago..we now live in a world with technology overpowers and dominates. It is a new age of me, myself , and I .

Narcissism dominates, selfishness overpowers, and everyone just cares about themselves and what they look like and who they appeal to. So many selfies flooding the social media like no tomorrow!

So many individuals want to conform with society and show everyone their new makeup , new outfits, what they are eating and what they are buying. I understand for some, this is something exciting ( it is for me too and trust me!

The struggle is real when i fight hard not to share my entire life story online for the world to see! ) but we need to truly reflect on why we share things for everyone to see and why we upload selfies…

  • Do selfies show the true colours of our hearts?
  • Do selfies make us feel like our souls are more beautiful when we show everyone what we are wearing and how our makeup ( or lack thereof) looks?
  • Do our selfies benefit our dunya and akhira?
  • Do our selfies make us better Muslimahs?

We need to really reflect and ask ourselves what is the point of showing our selfies when we should be posting things that are a reflection of our souls and not our styles. I am not here to tell you what you should and should not post! Def not!

But I just want to open up some thought windows for us all to reflect and know that sometimes our faces and outfits and all the material things we pay so much attention to, could in fact be the number one cause for our demise in this dunya and the akhira.

Let us pay close attention to the selfies of the soul and remember that Allah loves and cares only what is in our hearts and souls and He could care less about what we look like! It is what we do with our looks that really determine the true selfie.



About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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