Etiquette Of Returning Salām When In Prayer

Greeting Salām With The Signal Of Hand And Etiquette Of Returning Salām When In Prayer

سؤال : ما حكم السلام بالإشارة باليد ؟

العلامة ابن باز رحمه الله : لا يجوز السلام بالإشارة ، وإنما السنة السلام بالكلام بدءا وردا . أما السلام بالإشارة فلا يجوز؛ لأنه تشبه ببعض الكفرة في ذلك؛ ولأنه خلاف ما شرعه الله ، لكن لو أشار بيده إلى المسلم عليه ليفهمه السلام لبعده مع تكلمه بالسلام فلا حرج في ذلك؛ لأنه قد ورد ما يدل عليه ، وهكذا لو كان المسلم عليه مشغولا بالصلاة فإنه يرد بالإشارة ، كما صحت بذلك السنة عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Question: What is the ruling on giving Salām by waving the hand?

Sh. Bin Bāz رحمه الله: “It is NOT permissible to give Salām by the signal (of hand), and the Sunnah only is to speak when initiating and when returning the greetings of peace.

As for Salām by waving the hand then it is NOT permissible because in it is resemblance with some of the disbelievers, and for that is contrary to what Allāh has legislated.

But if the one being greeted is far away then he (the one giving Salām) can wave by the signal of his hand alongwith the saying of Salām towards him, there is no harm in that since there appears proof for it.

Similarly, when one is busy in prayer, he can respond to a Salām by SIGNALLING with his HANDS, as is AUTHENTICALLY reported in the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ.”

● [فتاوى إسلامية ٨\٢١٦]


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