The Benefits Of Shaving A Newborn’s Head On The Seventh Day


The Benefits Of Shaving A Newborn’s Head On The Seventh Day

قال الإمام ابن قيم الجَوزية رحمه الله : وكـان حلق رأسه إماطـة الأذى عنه، وإزالة الشعر الضعيف؛ ليخلفه شعر أقـوى وأمكن منه، وأنفـع للرأس، مع ما فيه من التخفيف عن الصبي، وفتح مسام الرأس؛ ليخرج البخار منها بيسر وسهولة، وفي ذلك تقوية بصره وشمه وسمعه.

Imām Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله:

“Shaving the head of a newborn (on the seventh day) removes the harm from him, and the removal of weak hair so that stronger hair replaces it, which is firmer than what was there before, and it is beneficial for one’s head.

Alongwith it there is relief for the child, and opening of the pores in the scalp so that the unpleasant vapour may escape with ease and smoothness.

And in that is the strengthening of his eyesight, his nasal passage and his hearing.”

● [تحفة المولود]


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