The Qur’aan and authentic sunnah on the topic of raising children


The Qur’aan and authentic sunnah on the topic of raising children:

1. To teach the child, ‘Where is Allaah?’

2. Instructing the child to eat with his/her right-hand.

3. Teaching the child not to blow on hot food/drink.

4. Instruct the child by age 1-1½ to mention ‘bismillah’ upon eating/drinking.

5. To teach the child the pillars of Islaam and eemaan.

6. To teach the child the rulings of wudhoo.

7. Eat with your right hand and eat which is near to you.

8. Get them accustomed with good and command them with salaat at 7yrs of age.

9. Arrange their beds separately when they are 10yrs of age.

10. Accustom them with fasting.

11. Teach your child the correct ‘aqeedah.

12. Advice your child with that with Luqmaan advised his child.

13. To seek permission to enter a house or a room.

14. Teach them the matters which are forbidden that they main abstain from them.

15. Explaining the meaning of an aayah or hadeeth that is being related of them.

16. Connect their hearts to Allaah.

17. Give concern to the memorisation of the Qur’aan.

18. Do not leave your children to mix with foolish children.

19. Do not leave your child outside in the evening.

20. Do not leave the child to play alone (always) and do not make learning boring.

21. Make your child sit with those who are righteous.

@Umm ’Abdillaah al-Waadi’iyyah


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