Who is the happy one?


Who is the happy one?????..

May Allaah reward us with good for adhering to Islam, and we ask Allaah to make us steadfast in Islam and to send us people whWho is the happy one? He is the one whose heart is connected to Allah.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who reaches the evening and the morning, and nothing else is in his heart except Allah the Majestic.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who Allah is pleased with his soul, whose heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah, and his tongue glorifies Allah continually.

Who is the happy one? He is the one to whom Allah prepares a pleasure due to his obedience, and he is well pleased with his deeds that are lasting.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who is blessed by Allah with his family, and with his wealth and children, and they are a pleasure for his eyes, and he praises Allah The Exalted for the highs and the lows.

Who is the happy one? He is the one whom Allah makes the people happy with, so that he has a good reputation, and is loved and highly regarded, he is the one who only good is mentioned about him, and he is only known for good.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who in the last moment in his life has a heart that is steadfast, and a tongue that remembers (Allah), for he is pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with him.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who when his hour is imminent, and his time has come, the angels of his Lord come down to him.. with the good news of joyful calm and satisfaction, and of mercy and forgiveness, and that Allah is pleased with him and is not angry (at him).

Who is the happy one? He is the one to whom a happy ending is guaranteed, so that he leaves this life, with his final words being.. La Illaaha Illallah.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who is blessed by Allah in his grave, and he is content in his grave, even if he enters his grave and is enclosed in this cloth Allah strengthens his soul, and Allah strengthens his tongue, so he says, ‘’My Lord is Allah, and my religion is Islam, and my Prophet is Muhammed (salAllaahu alayhi wa salam).’’, and a caller calls from the Heavens, ‘’My servant has spoken the truth!’’. Then (a garment) from paradise is brought for him, and its (paradise) gate is opened for him and for him is fragrent plants and a joyous rest. So says the happy man, oh my Lord, hasten the hour! Oh my Lord, hasten the hour! Because of his desire for the mercy of Allah, and his desire for the huge reward that awaits him by the grace of Allah.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who rises from his grave to the meeting, and is among the blessed ones and he is raised with the martyrs, the angels welcome them and say ‘’Do not be sad, the greatest horror is over’’ and the angels (say) ‘’This is your day that was promised to you’’ [21:103]

Who is the happy one? He is the one who, when the sun nears the whole of creation, and all the proud are humiliated, and all that can talk are silenced, and the glow of the sun is intense, and its heat is enormous and people on the earth are deep in their sweat, and the suffering is profound, and the horror is great, he is the one who is under the shade of Allah on the day on which there is no shade except His.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who, when standing before his Lord, occupies a fine position and increases in rank, he and his tongue speak the best words, after which a caller of Allah calls him to the good news about Paradise.

Who is the happy one? He is the one who has reached his final destination, and for him the verdict is, enter paradise, home of the bliss and accommodation of the righteous. Certainly this is the happiness of everyone, this is what the righteous servant wishes.

This is certainly true happiness, if Allah opens (for you) the door to it, no one will be able to close it from you. If Allah wants to make his servant happy, then first He will grant him the belief in Allah the Majestic, he is the one who knows Allah with His most beautiful names, and His highest descriptions, Allah gives him true faith, and a steadfast heart, and he entrusts all matters to The One, The Merciful, and he wholeheartedly believes in his heart that; there is no refuge and no rescue and no escape from Allah except in Allah.

The happy one, he is the one whose heart Allah filled with emaan, if good befalls him, he is grateful so it is good for him, and if a calamity befalls him, he is patient so it is good for him. His condition does not change, nor does his guidance, for he has Paradise and the Fire placed in front of his eyes.o will help us to do so. Allahumma Ameen….


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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