Ruling on using songs to teach young children ?


Ruling on using songs to teach young children a new language???

It is known that children are not accountable for their actions. The Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam , said:

“There are three (persons) whose deeds are not recorded: a sleeping person till he wakes, a child till he reaches puberty, and an insane person till he regains consciousness.” [Maalik and Abu Daawood]

If these songs are accompanied by musical instruments or the lyrics are inappropriate and un-Islamic (promoting prohibited matters), then Muslim parents are obliged to guard their children against such evils.

In fact, young children should be accustomed to do good things and warned against doing what is prohibited so that it would be instilled in them and in order to ensure a good Islamic upbringing for them.

Al-Qaadhi Abu Bakr ibn Al-‘Arabi wrote,

“A child is a trust in his parents’s hands and his pure heart is a priceless, raw, unpolished gem ready to be shaped and formed. Children are born as blank slates, ready to absorb whatever is given to them.

If good is instilled in the child’s heart (and mind) and he is accustomed to doing good things during his upbringing, he will attain happiness in this worldly life and the Hereafter. In fact, his parents, teachers, and mentors share the rewards of the child’s righteousness.

On the contrary, when the child is imbued with evil and becomes accustomed to it and is neglected, he will be one of the wretched and will be ruined. In this case, the parents and those responsible for him bear the sin for that.

As the parents guard their child against the worldly fire, they should guard him against the Hellfire in the Hereafter for a greater reason.

This can be achieved through giving children a good education, disciplining them, and teaching them good manners as well as protecting them from the evil of bad friends…”

Finally, it should be noted that the Islamic songs that promote commendable and permissible subjects and which are not accompanied by musical instruments are a good alternative that can do the job.

Allaah Knows best.: islamweb


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  1. As salamu alai kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Jazakallah khair. Your posts are very informative. I learn something new everytime.


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