It is part of the test of life and we need to embrace that.


“The internal struggle against evil desires never ends.

It is part of the test of life and we need to embrace that.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but Allah is so merciful that this deen helps us through both.

When we win the battle against our desires, we open the door to more goodness in our lives and get closer to Allah.

When we lose the battle, we have an opportunity to repent, seek forgiveness and get closer to Allah through that act of worship which He loves so much.

Shaytaan’s goal is to make us despondent of Allah’s Mercy so we should never allow that to happen, regardless of what kinds of sins we fall into.

We must stay strong, stay firm in our belief in Allah and seek His forgiveness day and night for all the sins that come and go through our lives.

It is through such repentance that Allah’s Mercy is gained and Paradise is earned.

Jannah was never meant for the sinless humans, it was created for the repented sinners, and every one of us has the potential to repent.”..

— Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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