The Abc Of Parenting

The Abc Of Parenting

*Always trust your children to Allah’s care.

*Bring them to the Masaajids.

*Challenge them to high goals In deen.

*Delight in their achievements “Masha`Allah”

*Exalt Allah in their presence “Subhaan`Allah”

*Frown on evil ” Astaghfirullah”

*Give them love and understanding

*Hear their problems, be there for them.

*Ignore not their childish fears, tell them Allah is Always there.

*Joyfully accept their apologies, Allah is All Forgiving.

*Keep their confidence.

*Live a good example before them, Islamic etiquettes.

*Make them your friends.

*Never ignore their endless questions!

*Open your heart to their love.

*Pray for them by name, …May Allah make them the coolness of your eyes.

*Quicken your interest in their spirituality, Dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah)

*Remember their needs, show mercy to them

*Show them the way of Our Prophet Muhammad SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam and his companions. (Peace be upon them All).Use this as a moral guidance for their nurturing and upbringing.

*Teach them to appreciate every little in life. “Alhamdulillah”

*Understand they are still young and Innocent. “Fitrah”

*Verify your statements, speak clearly (Repeat it 3 times) like the way Muhammad SalLalLahu Alehe WaSalLam used to.

*Use diplomacy to wean them from bad company.

*Encourage them to obey, Allah and their parents.

* Use Deen as their beacon for success.

*Praise them for the good they do and tactfully reprimand them for the wrong they engage in.

* Establish Talim [Teachings of the Quran and Sunnah] in the Home

* Make Mashwera [consult] with them- This will build their confidence.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:”All of you are shepherds, and each one is responsible for his flock. A leader of people is a shepherd and responsible for them. A man is like a shepherd over his family, and he is responsible for his flock.

A woman is like a shepherd over her husband’s house and children, and she is responsible for them. And a slave is a guardian of his master’s property and is responsible for it. So all of you are guardians and are responsible for your charges.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Make Daily Dua for their success in this world, the grave and the life after death!


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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