Islam wants a person’s current and past misdeeds to be unknown.

Why Islam mentions backbiting and spying together, and why they are both forbidden ??? A New Life !

Islam wants a person’s current and past misdeeds to be unknown.

Imagine a man who has done many wrong things in his life. One day he decides to change course and become a better man. But people around him continue to judge him as if he is the same man as before. For this reason he moves to another town to start a new life.

In the new community, people treat him kindly, ready to accept him as a good man, as if he has no bad past. This creates joy in his heart and motivates him to be better each day.

But what if someone from this new community decides to spy into this person’s past? The man’s past bad deeds become known, and the spy will start to treat him differently.

And if our spy decides to commit the other sin, backbiting, the bad news of the man’s past become widespread, and people in the community start to treat him like a bad man.

His feelings of joy will disappear, to be replaced with depression, dislike for his community, and a desire to escape from it.

This is why Islam forbids backbiting and spying, and why it mentions them together in the same verse:

O you who have attained to faith! Avoid most guesswork [about one another] for, behold, some of [such] guesswork is [in itself] a sin; and do not spy upon one another, and neither allow your­selves to speak ill of one another behind your backs.

Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would loathe it! And be conscious of God. Verily, God is an accep­tor of repentance, a dispenser of grace! (Quran 49:12)

Islam wants to enable people to change, and wants society to forgive and forget and give people second chances.

Islam wants a person’s current and past misdeeds to be unknown.

Because when you treat a person, regardless of how bad they are or have been, as a good and acceptable human being, it creates a good change in them. It creates a motivation in their heart to change for the better, to become the person you think they are.

But if society loves to find out bad things about others, it will start to treat people badly, even if they have changed for the better. And the prejudice creates a motivation in the heart for these people to be as bad as society thinks they are.

It creates dislike and hatred in both parties. It is a loss for everyone involved, and prevents many great things and blessings that could exist otherwise.

The worst thing is that in many Muslim societies the backbiting continues to hurt for generations.



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