The Things which Husband want Wife to have.

10 Things which men want women to have…  

1. Her Obedience:

This is the most important point than all other 9 points put together. A family cannot live happily unless and until a woman does not obey her husband (in good), that’s why it is obligatory to obey your husband in Islaam.

2. Her Natural delicacy:

Women by birth are delicate and girlish. It is this nature which if she keeps alive in her makes her husband fall in love with her rather than adopting a feminist approach. Men don’t want muscular women who can lift a tree, rather they look for a woman who is delicate. Remember same powers don’t attract, it has to be different.

3. Her Exotic fragrance:

Women must always remember to keep themselves perfumed when they are home.

They should seduce (but never initiate sex) their husbands not only in bed, but during daytime as well, while talking to him, while serving food, by wearing revealing stuff at home (in nuclear family).

There is no need for women to initiate an intimate act because men don’t like it, however after it is initiated by a man, she can begin to satisfy herself as well by doing which is appropriate.

4. Her Natural smilies:

She should not let the household work make her boring, rather she should enjoy it.

She should always have a natural smile in her face when her husband looks at her, this makes him feel that I did something to make her happy and encourages him for more.

5. Her Girlish nature:

In the sense that she grabs his hand when she wants something.

She acts crying (no tears) to make him feel that ‘pay attention to my problem’, men like that. She possesses qualities of feminine and she preserves it like her beauty.

She beautifies herself, rather than always saying ‘I have work to do in Kitchen and cleaning’ paying no attention to her beauty.

She must complete all her household work during the daytime and when her husband will arrive at home, she spends time with him appropriately.

6. Her Soft skin:

Men like soft skin because they are used to leather like they have.

7. Her Cheerful welcome:

It is very important to learn and study how to welcome your husband because he is not any guest or a relative, he is your master.

You should not unlock a question box at him when he knocks the door. Rather let him rest and get fresh, after that when you feel its appropriate, you can unlock.

8. Her Awesome feedback:

Women must tell their husbands how they feel getting married to him always, or how they feel spending time with him.

They should never let their emotions draw them away from the reality and truth although they cannot help it. Women should understand that your husband is not like you, he is different in everything from you.

Allaah has appointed him to be your master and appointed you to be a reason of happiness and vice-versa. If you thank him and remain grateful to him for whatever he spends on you, it will create a love bond between you and him.

9. Her Shyness:

Men are flat upon shy women. They just cannot handle her shyness. Rather than what West is teaching us that ‘be wild’, ‘get horny’; but a Muslim man loves shy women because he is shy as well by himself.

10. Tasty food:

Men just love tasty food (need not to be sugary).

If you want to cheer up his mood, most of the normal times, your food will work except when there is some real issue.

I call Allaah to shower His mercy upon our families and make us obedient to Him and make us die upon Islaam.

@ Muslimah in Jannah


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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