A Muslim must set his goals straight

Living a meaningful life ... ❤

Most of the times we set for ourselves such plans and goals in life which are not worth to live for. Some of them are for pleasures and material gains, while others are not even worth to set as goals for life.

Efforts like,
– One day I will buy this car or own that type of house”,
– I will one day become a wealthy man”,
– I will one day gain a lot of fame and status”,
– I will one day travel to that country for fun”,
– I will one day go to space”,
– One day I will make to the Guinness World Records”,
– One day I will prove to be a super human” and so on.

All of these goals, aims and plans are related to future expectations which after you will reach them, you will set another goal afterwards, meaning this will not satisfy your mind.

A Muslim (one whose will, wish, wants, likes and dislikes are as per Allaah’s will), he was given a fundamental purpose for us “to live this life as per Allaah’s wish and ignore the wishes of Shaytaan”. This was the primary purpose of human being’s creation “to worship Allaah as He has wished”.

A Muslim must set his goals straight, which does not make him linked to this life but to the next life because this life is hardly 70 years period approx.

All his aims must meet and end up at two (2) common points, those are “to gain the pleasure of Allaah” and “to get admission in the Jannah”.

By ‘All his aims’ I mean aims such as,
– obeying those whom Allaah wishes you to obey”
– like parents, husbands, rulers and others.

Remaining firm upon
– the pillars of Eemaan and Islaam”,
– spending life under the limits of the Sharee’ah”,
– upbringing children in the best Islaamic ways”,
– guarding oneself from the fitan (evil tempations and desires)”,
– marrying a religious spouse” and so on.

There is nothing which he should take for granted in his life, rather he should be sure and reasonable for his aims.

His (worldly) educational choices should be focused, his marriage should be focused, his place of living should be focused.

Every step of his life should be focused and they should not cross the limits of Allaah’s Word.

With the result, he will raise a focused generation whose life has a reasonable and productive puurpose to live, who don’t have goals and aims related this life.

@Muslimah in Jannah


About `La illaha illa Allah

Pray your Salah and be good to others too, When you remember Allah, He remembers you. Do you know when you hear or recite the Qur'an, Allah is telling you that He is the One.

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