Raising Ones Hands For Dua After The Prescribed Prayers ?

Raising Ones Hands For Dua After The Prescribed Prayers?  Beware.. ❤

It has become a common practise amongst some people to always raise their hands after the Fardh prayers, in such a manner that the Imaam turns around and raises his hands to make dua and those who prayed behind him will do the same thing and they will make a collective dua.

Now many people probably know that this particular practise lacks evidence, but what many people dont know is that one should not raise their hands for dua after salah at all, whether it be a collective dua or a dua for yourself.

Some people will argue about this, and say, is not the end of the prayer a time that dua will be accepted? How can you say we shouldnt make dua? To those people I respond, ofcourse you can make dua, but as long as you do not raise your hands whilst doing so, since that has not been reported from the Prophet nor the Companions.

Lajnah ad-Daaimah:

¨Dua after the prescribed prayers is not Sunnah if it is by raising ones hands, regardless if it is done by only the Imaam or by those who pray (individually) or whether it is done by everyone collectively. This is an innovation, due to the fact that it hasnt been reported from the Prophet nor his Companions. But as for making dua, without raising ones hands after Salah, then there is no harm in doing so, since there are some ahadeeth that report this.¨

(al-Ahaadeeth ad-Dhaeefah v. 1 p. 450)

Shaikh Bin Baaz:

¨It has not been reported – to our knowledge – that the Prophet nor his companions would ever raise their hands in dua after the prescribed prayers, and due to this, we know that this practise is an innovation. As for dua without raising ones hands after the prescibed prayers then there is no problem in doing this. And dua after the voluntary prayer is prescribed even if one raised there hands, as long as it is not done regularly. (Majmoo fataawa v. 11 p. 168)

Shaikh al-Albaanee:

¨It is not authentically reported from the Prophet that he would raise his hands after the Prayer when he made dua¨ (Silsilah al-Ahaadeeth adh-Dhaeefah v. 6 p. 60)

Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen:

¨My advice to the one who raises his hands after every prescribed prayer in dua, is to stop doing that, in order to follow the Sunnah and the guidance of the Prophet.¨ (Majmoo fataawa v. 13 p. 281)



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