For they used to whisper to their Lord

لا إله إلا الله



al-Ḥasan al-Baṣri:

“We used to be amongst a group of people (i.e., the Companions) who would never do any act in public if they could do so in private.

And those Muslims would strive in making their du’aa, and not a sound would be heard from them!

For they used to whisper to their Lord.”

[Report by at-Tabari in his Tafsir 5/514]


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Imagine sisters trusting you this much.

When he’d walk, his gaze would never exceed his feet.

لا إله إلا الله

Imagine sisters trusting you this much.

كان منا رجل يقال له الأسود بن كلثوم و كان إذا مشى لا يجاوز بصره قدمه و كان يمر وفي الجدر يومئذ قِصرٌ و هناك نسوة ولعل إحداهن تكون واضعة يعني ثوبها أو خمارها فإذا رأينه راعهن ثم يقلن : كلا إنه أسود بن كلثوم

Humayd ibn Hilal:

Among us there was a man named Aswad ibn Kulthum.

When he’d walk, his gaze would never exceed his feet.

There were some chambers of a palace along the way, in which there would be some women who would have removed their headscarves or part of their clothes.

When he’d be approaching, they’d feel scared and rush to cover themselves.

Then they’d say: Oh! It’s only Aswad ibn Kulthum!

Source: Kitab az-Zuhd of Imam Ahmad #256


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If you want to be more dedicated to your Salah

لا إله إلا الله

If you want to be more dedicated to your Salah and want to pray on time, you have to stop listening to music.

You might be thinking: “Where is the correlation?”

You see, the heart is a vessel which can only hold one thing at a time, and it acts upon whatever it holds.

So when you listen to music you won’t have any room in your heart for the Qur’an, so when the time for prayer comes, you just won’t be able to pray, because your heart deep down just doesn’t want to recite the Qur’an.

The worst part is that you won’t be able to pray even though you want to, you’ll just sit around wondering why you keep delaying it.

So the best thing you can do, is leave it, perform wudoo’, pray two rakat, and repent to Allaah sincerely.

And begin listening to Qur’an to heal…

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Even his enemies had to admit to this quality.

لا إله إلا الله


His (Prophet’s) speech was sweet, comprehensive, and he had the most beautiful way with words.

His words captured the hearts and souls. Even his enemies had to admit to this quality.

Ibn’ul Qayyim, Zaad’ul Ma’ad (v. 1, p. 312)

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Abu Bakr sold one of his own shops to free Bilal.

Act when no one is looking. Make your actions meaningful and make them count.

لا إله إلا الله

Who was Bilal to Abu Bakr?
Realize that some of us have more privilege than others.
It’s not so much an advantage as it is a responsibility. It’s going to take so much love within this Ummah for us to realize that.
Within these racial and status divides and injustices, we are one body. If we don’t feel for one another and act using our positions to benefit one another, we’re separating ourselves from our faith.
Abu Bakr sold one of his own shops to free Bilal.
When he paid his slaver, Umayya said, “I would have freed him for half of that price.” Abu Bakr replied, “and I would have paid ten times the price for him.”
Who was Bilal to Abu Bakr?
One was a slave and one came from an elite household. The love between them was divine.
Bound by…

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footprints in arabia

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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"May Allah steal from you all that steals you away from Him." -Rabia Al-Adawiyah

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Dawah - For The Sake of Allaah

“And verily for everything that a slave loses there is a substitute,but the one who loses Allaah will never find anything to replace Him.”

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