The Muslim in Ramadaan

The Muslim in Ramadaan

The Muslim in Ramadaan

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He knows we fall, and thus He blessed us with a special month to solidify our īmān

Allāh has created everything in perfection,

He has created the day and the night.

The sun and the moon.

He has created men and women, and within them a womb, that is perfectly prepared to bare children.

He has created the skies, and the mountains in magnificence, with a purpose.

Allāh has created everything in perfect order, and filled our life with opportunities to remain spiritually intact.

He has blessed us with the five prayers, in order to be connected to Him daily.

He has gifted us with the morning and evening adhkār, to remember him day and night.

We enter the morning in His praise, and we enter the night admiring His signs.

He knows we fall, and thus He blessed us with a special month to solidify our īmān, and help us prepare for the rest of the year. He blessed us with Ramaḍān.

The perfect solution to reach for Him, whatever level we’re on.

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That the completion of your nikkah is not the completion of half your deen.

That the completion of your nikkah is not the completion of half your deen.

Marriage only gives you a platform to complete half your deen.

It is a constant journey. A journey full of patience, compromise, consideration and tolerance. And a lot more patience.

You have to remember that you are a team. It is you and your spouse against all other forces. You pray together, eat together, sleep together, fight shaytan together.

You drag each other out of bed in the cold winter because it’s time for Fajr. Because you know that the real deal is in the akhirah and you wanna be homies lovers in Jannah.

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Habibi and Habibati


Habibi and Habibati ^__^/*

The household of the prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam was not a house of indomie and spaghetti or fried rice, it was a house of ibadah!

When your husband is about to drink water …
Wife: Ya habeebi, have u said bismillah?

When you are about to go take a bath in the bathroom wit your husband, grab him back and say
Wife: Ya habeebi, have u supplicated?

When your husband refuses to wake for tahajjud
Wife: Wake up, prayer is better than sleep, fight your desires my love, be stronger than the excuses shaitan whispers to you.

If he doesn’t still get up, sprinkle water on him
If he doesn’t still get up, start reciting your own Quran and recite it aloud so that he will feel shy to continue sleeping while u are reciting the Quran! He will be forced to stand up.

When ur husband is about to eat
Wife: Ya habeebi, have u supplicated?

After the meal
Wife: Ya habeebi, have u thanked Allah?

When ur husband returns from work in the evening
Wife: Sweetheart, did u give out something in charity today? Even if its a date?

Every weekends
Wife: My husband, since u are not going to work today, won’t you perform ziyarotul kuboor? Won’t u visit d muslim graveyard to ponder over death?

At times after several months
Wife: Baby, shouldn’t we visit our parents and relatives?

Remember d prophet sallalahu alayhi wassalam said we should NOT severe the ties of kinship.

Every Monday and Thursday
Husband: Ya habibati, won’t you take a fast today?

On eid day
Husband: Darling, remember eid is wajib, even if u are menstruating, won’t u dress up and follow me?

When wife returns from workplace
Husband: did u take a moment to recite at least a page of the mushaf while u were at work?

Every evening
Husband: My wifey, u know I spent all day at work, did you teach my kids something from the Quran before they went to bed?

Every day
Husband: Honey, did you teach my kids the stories of the salaf today?

Before your wife steps out of the house
Husband: Fear Allah woman, won’t you wear your jilbab before stepping out of the house? BarkaLlahu feekum

Husband suddenly sags his trousers
Wife: Fear Allah my dear, do not go close to the hellfire, raise your trousers pls.

Husband feels like shaving his beards
Wife: What? I will not look at ur face again if u do it, pls my husband, seek refuge in Allah from the whispers of shaitan.

Brothers and sisters in islam, before marriage
We all prayed that, “oh Allah, grant me a spouse that will HELP me to jannah.”

But after marriage, we hardly “assist” each other to jannah! Some husbands are scholars but they don’t do dawah at home, whereas the outsiders benefit from his dawah!

Some wives are AFRAID to correct their husbands because some will abuse and bully their wives!

Its better to correct ur husband even if he will become UPSET than for u to keep quiet while he HAPPILY commits sins! You will regret ur SILENCE on the last day.

Let’s all fear the day when fear itself will also be afraid.

Many husbands will enter hell while the wife will enter jannah and many wives will enter hell while the husband enjoys the hur al ayn in jannah.

If u wanna be with ur spouse in Jannah YOU HAVE WORK TO DO!

Keep enjoining #maruf‬ and keep forbidding #munkar‬.

Marriage is not all about fun all over the house, the life of a muslim is all about supplication.

I remember every friday whenever I am far away from home, and I’m chatting with my wife on whatsapp/BBM, she always asks me (have u recited surah khaf today?).

There is nothing in this world that is worth entering hellfire for!
Note: you can learn from this even if you are not yet married!!!

Also please do share with the married Muslims on your contact list so as to benefit them.

May Allah bless us and our families and grant us Jannah out of His Mercy, ameen.

His tongue sever the honour of everyone


Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah said:

“What is surprising is that a person finds it easy keeping away from things like consuming haraam, oppression, adultery, theft, drinking alcohol and looking at the impermissible, but yet he finds it difficult to guard his tongue!

It is such that you will see a man who is viewed to be knowledgeable and is an ascetic worshipper but he speaks words that bring the Wrath of Allah, without giving them a second thought.

How often do you see a man who steers clear of evil sins and oppression but you see his tongue sever the honour of everyone – dead or alive – and he does not even care about what he says!

From: The Way Out of Tribulations, by Shaykh Muhammad Isma’il al-Muqaddam (pg. 26)

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"May Allah steal from you all that steals you away from Him." -Rabia Al-Adawiyah

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لله در الصابرين

Dawah - For The Sake of Allaah

“And verily for everything that a slave loses there is a substitute,but the one who loses Allaah will never find anything to replace Him.”

Fa firroo ila-llaah

"So flee unto Allah..." [51:50]

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